Luc HEnry, CEO

Luc Henry earned a DPhil (PhD) from the University of Oxford.

He is a skilled scientist, with a broad technical and theoretical background in chemistry, biotechnology and cell biology. Before launching Limula, Luc was an advisor to Martin Vetterli, the current President of EPFL. At Limula, his role is to develop real-world applications for the technology through meaningful partnerships.

YANn Pierson, CTO

Yann Pierson earned a PhD in chemical biology from EPFL.

He studied biochemistry at EPFL and at the National University of Singapore. A passionate and self-taught maker, he designed and prototyped the technology behind Limula Biotech revolutionary platform. His role is to constantly improve the product to fit users’ needs.


Thomas Eaton earned a PhD in material sciences from the University of Basel.

Outside the lab, he has worked as a change-maker for the implementation of global projects at Deloitte, UBS and SwissRe. Tom has extensive experience in project management, budget tracking, outsourcing and supplier oversight. Prior to moving to Switzerland, he obtained a degree in chemistry from the University of Oxford.


Olivier Waridel

Olivier Waridel is a serial entrepreneur and a consultant for start-up/mid-size medical device companies. He was the CEO of Biosafe Group SA (now part of Cytiva). Biosafe’s cell processing instruments are industry standards in the field of adult stem cell therapy, providing stem cell banks, hospitals and research institutes with robust solutions.


Matthias Lütolf is Full Professor at EPFL’s Institute of Bioengineering, with a cross appointment in the Institute of Chemical Sciences and Engineering. His research is at the interface of stem cell biology and bioengineering to gain fundamental insight into how complex 3D microenvironments control the behavior of stem cells. His team develops novel technologies for maintaining stem cells in vitro and for controlling their differentiation and self-organization into 3D functional organoids.

Prof. Denis Migliorini

Denis Migliorini is a professor at the Center for Translational research in Onco-haematology (CRTOH) of the University of Geneva. He leads the Brain Tumour and Immune Cell Engineering Group at the AGORA Cancer Center in Lausanne. His research is focused on the development of CAR T-cell for glioblastoma treatment and he provides Limula with expertise on the biology of human T cells.

Prof. DIdier Maillefer

Didier Maillefer is a professor of industrial automation at the University of Applied Science in Yverdon, Switzerland. He is specialised in medical devices and supports our project by sharing his expertise for the technical development of our product.

Marco Ruedi

Marco Ruedi is a MD by training and a passionate entrepreneur. He is an accredited Innosuisse coach with 20+ years international experience in strategic and operational roles across Life Science Industry and Healthcare Management.