A revolution in healthcare

Cell and gene therapies (CGT) represents a true revolution in personalised medicine. Their potential impact on the quality of life of patients suffering from a broad range of diseases is huge. Unfortunately, the vast majority may not benefit from these life-saving treatments because they are incredibly difficult and expensive to produce.

Our vision

Limula Biotech is building the first fully contained automated system for CGT manufacturing, allowing rapid and safe production of treatments directly at the patient’s beside. By enabling distributed manufacturing at the hospital, Limula’s technology will save time, cut costs, simplify logistics and ultimately increase the safety and accessibility of these cutting edge personalised treatments.

We believe distributed manufacturing will enable the transformative potential of personalised medicine.

Our story

Limula was born in a garage on the shores of the Lake Leman in Switzerland, where the first prototype was designed and built. We are now working at EPFL in Lausanne, partnering with the best (bio)engineers and healthcare professionals to build on our initial vision and deliver a platform that enables distributed manufacturing of cell and gene therapies.

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