CAR T-cell therapy and other Cell and Gene Therapies (CGT) represent a true revolution in personalised medicine. It is a new treatment modality that is fundamentally changing the approach to cancer and other life threatening conditions.

These cures are not regular molecules. They are ‘living drugs’ made from the patient’s own immune cells, genetically modified ex vivo for targeted killing of tumour cells.

With 1500 such therapies currently in clinical trials, there is a tremendous potential to save the lives of over 3 million patients annually, many of them previously had no other therapeutic option.

Removing MANUFACTURING roadblocks

Unfortunately, most patients will not benefit, because, at the moment, these personalised treatmentsare so difficult to make that they end up being too expensive for anyone to afford them.

The production of ex vivo gene therapies is performed in a strictly controlled GMP environment. Building, maintaining and running the high-tech manufacturing clean rooms facility that meet these requirements represents a significant portion of the costs of cell-based treatments.

To deliver the promise of personalised medicine, CGT manufacturing requires a transition from a ‘make-to-stock’ to a ‘make-on-order’ strategy. The ‘one patient, one batch’ paradigm resists scale-up efforts, making current manufacturing practices and existing supply chains obsolete.


At Limula, we believe distributed and automated manufacturing will enable the transformative potential of these personalised treatments. We are building a platform technology for CGT manufacturing, allowing rapid and safe production of treatments.

We want to save time, cut costs, simplify logistics and ultimately increase the safety and accessibility of these cutting edge personalised treatments.

Our story

Limula was born in a garage on the shores of the Lake Leman in Switzerland. Our solution was designed, prototyped and patented with the manufacturing of CAR T-cell therapies in mind.

We are now working with EPFL, the University of Geneva and the University of applied sciences in Yverdon (HEIG-VD) bringing together the best bioengineers, industrial automation specialists, and clinicians, to build on our initial vision and deliver a platform that enables more robust manufacturing of these much needed therapies.

They Believe in Limula